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Albany, OR
United States


Thank you!

Kenny Graham

Morning Everyone!  

On behalf of Shannon, myself, and the Revenge Cycling & Promotions/Racing family – we would like to thank everyone for making our 2017 racing season a big success!  A lot of great things came from the races this year, along with some new and lasting relationships.  Nothing ever happens in cycling promotions without volunteers, sponsors, community support, and you the racers.   We would like to recognize and say THANK YOU to an amazing group of people that are committed to working and support racing in Oregon.

Our Volunteers – Every year we are have been blessed with such amazing support.  I just want to express how much we appreciate all the time and effort you gave us and the OBRA cycling community.   Without you, we don’t have races!   Special THANK YOU to the following:

Brenda Middleton – Every race she came out and helped set the course at 6AM, was one of our lead corner marshals at a critical intersection, and broke the course down – EVERY RACE!  Never complained and always there with a smile!  Racing without you wouldn’t be the same – Love ya!  Tell BJ – THANK YOU!!!!

Raj Injety – Like Brenda, he was also a critical to our success this year!  Not only was he at critical intersection on course as well, Raj came to our rescue and basically became the go-to for reconfiguring the OBRA truck after every race!   He also helped me in my driveway for about 2 ½ hours reconfiguring the truck that was received it in the worst condition I’ve ever seen it from another team.  In the dark, the night before the race – and piece by piece he helped me put the truck back together so that it could ready in the morning!   Sands Of Time My Friend!!!

Kate Riggs - Ms. Everything and Do Anything!  Kate wasn’t just our medical support for all four races.  She helped every race setting the course!  With coffee in hand and smile, she ALWAYS jumped right in!  She also was the official start holder for all the races.  When everything was done, she also helped with breaking down everything and keeping me laughing!   Thank you for all time you’ve given us this year and always willing to support us when in need! 

Harry Phinney – Mr. Dependable.   Every time, and I mean every time I needed help, Harry was the first to jump in and support our efforts.   Having you at the races this year, made worry that much less.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Michael Longmire.  Thank you and Julie for being there when needed this year!  I know you have been going through a lot this year, and the conversations we had this weekend in the truck meant a lot to me.  If you ever need anything from us, please let us know.  We appreciate and love you both!

The Lee Family – (Mr. & Mrs. Lee) – When I need volunteers, it rare that I can get parents of a racer to support our events!   I wouldn’t trade Mr. and Mrs. Lee for the world – you two are that AWESOME!  

Special volunteer Shout Outs:

Steve Evans– Truck Support & Corner Marshall

Michelle Injety – Corner Marshall & Event Support

Julie Longmire - Corner Marshall

David Prats – Course Setup

Andres and Nelson – Course Setup & Corner Marshall

Anthony Ross - Course Setup & Corner Marshall

Myra – Course Setup & Corner Marshall

Doug Bowmen, Ron Sines, Scott Carroll, Steve Gerdemann, Jeff Hamlin, Rick Krabbe and Tim Tovar – Course Support


Our Sponsors – Without our sponsors, we would be in a bad position.   We have the best sponsors on the planet and I will always be in support you and your efforts!  Special THANK YOU to the following:

Yakima – Whenever I need anything, you continue to amaze me!  Not only are you one of my major event sponsors, you also support our cycling team, Revenge Cycling & Racing.  THANK YOU so much to Jonny Wood, Summer Henderson and our CEO Ryan Martin! Yakima is the official rack sponsor for Revenge Cycling & Racing!  BEST RACKS EVER!!!

Sigma Sport USA - Brian Orloff at Sigma has always been in our corner since day one and you are the best!  We LOVE and THANK YOU for all the support you’ve given us over the years!  Sigma Sport is also the official time/computer sponsor for Revenge Cycling & Racing.   You need anything computer/watch/lighting system related – SIGMA ROCKS!! Go visit Sigma at  

Peak Sports – David Sullivan.  Behind every cycling team, is a great shop!  We have been working with Peak Sports – in Corvallis Oregon for a while now and they are the best shop in the Willamette Valley!  Thank you for all the support you have given us and the community!  Peak Sports is the official bike shop for Revenge Cycling & Racing.

GQ-6 – Richard Hiraga.  Every time I think about promoting an event or race, I think of Richard Hiraga and the GQ-6 brand!   If you are promoting cycling events, you need GQ-6 present!  GQ-6 is the best hydration system we have ever used!  Richard has been so supportive of our races and team this year, and everyone at Revenge Cycling & Racing wants to THANK YOU for all you do for us!  GQ-6 is the official nutrition sponsor for Revenge Cycling & Racing!   You really need this product – you’ll thank me later!

Oakley - Sean Boland.  Sean, everyone at the race and from Revenge wanted me to THANK YOU for supporting  the 2017 OBRA TT Championship this past weekend!   Oakley and Revenge Cycling & Promotions have worked together in the past and we really appreciate the continued support for the OBRA community.  Thanks Sean!


Gore – John O’Brien.  Just when it couldn’t get any better, John and Gore bring us items for the 2017 OBRA TT Championships!  Thank you John for always being passionate and supportive of what Shannon and I are doing!  I can always count on you without even asking!   Thanks my friend!

Our Community - It takes a village, and without it we would racing in the clover fields!   Special THANK YOU to our community supporters:

City of Brownsville - Scott McDowell.  One of the riders told me that he would hit me the gut if we didn’t come back here next year!  Thank you to you, your staff, and the City Of Brownsville for supporting bike racing in Oregon!  If you will have us, we will be back for as long as possible!

Linn Co Road Permits – Jessica Valentino.   Thank you for working with Revenge Cycling & Promotions yet again and always being so supportive of our races!  Thank you for supporting cycling in the state of Oregon.

OBRA – Thank you to our officials Julia, Chris and Terri!  I have learned a great deal from you all and appreciate all the knowledge, support and backing over the years!  Thanks to Kevin and Tony for getting us all the equipment we need to execute a great event!  What you do is not easy and we appreciate all your hard work!  Thanks also to Kenji, Catherine, Scott and Candi for all your support!

Bryant Howard – With numbers being down everywhere, you reached out to me with the greatest idea – working together!   I will never forget that for as long as I live.  It gave me new insight and the will to want to work harder!   Thank you my friend, and I look forward working with you in the future!

OBRA cyclists – Without your participation, we don’t race!   Thank you for driving from all over the state to race our events!   From as far away as Chula Vista Ca, Enterprise Oregon and Spokane WA, you keep coming back!   Love you all!

Last but never least – my wife Shannon.

You are always my voice of reason when I don’t want to listen.  You are teaching me patience in ways that I never thought possible.   Teaching me to relax and focus of what is truly important.  For all that you endure with me the night before a race and everything else that goes on behind the scenes – I LOVE YOU DEARLY!!!

That’s all I’ve got y ’all – WHEW!  See you next year!!!! 



Kenny & Shannon Graham

Revenge Cycling & Promotions/Racing