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Albany, OR
United States

Each Time I Go To Bed, I Pray LIke Aretha Franklin!


Each Time I Go To Bed, I Pray LIke Aretha Franklin!

Kenny Graham

One of the most concerning things that you worry about as a promoter is the weather!  You can't predict it, you can't change it, you can only HOPE and PRAY!   After the episode of storms that rolled through the Oregon on Friday and Saturday, I could only hope for a change in our luck! After answering my last email at around 945PM, I ask the LORD - if he could hold off the wind and rain for the next 10 to 12 hours so that we aren't filming our racers auditioning for parts in the remake of Twister!   

Come to find out, prayers changes thing!  Though it was cold at 6AM when I left my house to set the course - the weather was going to hold off until later that afternoon.   PERFECT!  

Course Setup - DONE!  Flagger and Officials Meeting - DONE!  Riders to the Starting Line - and we're off!   Though there was some wind earlier on, I noticed that as the first wave of riders turned around it had calmed down some.  When the second wave left, the temperature was hoovering around 50 degrees and the winds were moderately lighter than they were during setup!   

But who was am I kidding, any wind that is light or moderate that masks itself as a tailwind, sucks when you turn around and has now become a HEADWIND!  But like complete MONSTERS - everyone tucked in and made home safe.  

They other thing that I hate as a promoter, is that I don't always get to talk to everyone!  It's not by choice, it's that I have to make sure we have done everything to ensure the safety of the riders, and to ensure a great event.  Lisa George, I'd like to finish our conversation that we started before the race.  It warmed my heart to see you on Sunday, cause like I said earlier - prayer changes things!  WE LOVE YOU MAMA!!

Nothing happens in racing without volunteers!  You all are COMPLETE ROCKSTARS!  My OBRA Officials are the best around!  Thanks Julia, Ariel and Chris!  Thanks to Peak Sports for providing mechanical and bib number placement support!   Thanks also to the City Of Brownsville for allowing us into the community yet again!

Thank you also goes out our team - Revenge Cycling & Racing for supporting this race!  

Like every race - before and after - THANK YOU SHANNON K. GRAHAM for all that you do!  

Until the 29th of April.